AKS 221 Graffiti Remover Gel

Our graffiti remover is a high performing gel that can be used on factory made / painted surfaces and it is also on porous surfaces such as brick, stone and cement.
This low hazard graffiti remover is ideal for use on trains, coaches & buses, cars and industrial buildings. It has proven to be a safer, faster and more cost effective graffiti remover from rollingstock. As our graffiti remover is a gel rather than an aerosol, there are no airborne droplets which might be inhaled.

It is also effective on Stainless steel, painted and GRP surfaces. There is no shadowing or staining of the stainless steel after graffiti is removed.

Can be used on exterior and interior surfaces and it is compatible with glass and extruded seals

Meets stringent FST Standards including BS6853 Cat 1a

AKS 221 Graffiti Remover has a shelf life of 24 months in an unopened container.